About Winthrop Frostbite Sailing Club

WFSC hosts Interclubs, Lasers, Laser Radials, and Rhodes 19 short course racing, generally every Sunday at 1pm during the frostbite season, though a number of special 2-day regattas and other events are also organized.  Racing is off of the docks at Cottage Park Yacht Club, and is generally followed by food and drink at CPYC.


The Interclub Dinghy Frostbite class, originally envisioned as a class for Inter-Club racing on Long Island sound, attracts some of the best sailors from a variety of other "summer" classes and provides great short course sailing.

Frostbiting an InterClub is a funny sport. People often ask "why should I get into a small dinghy in the winter when I can sail a PHRF boat or sit home and watch football". Then they try it and find out that IC sailing is a blast! The boats are fun to sail, tack and jibe on a dime, and require real skill to drive. Crews soon discover the importance of team work and instinctive reaction.

WFSC seasonal Interclub membership includes dolly-based boat storage, and use of the CPYC hoists & facility.


Lasers and Laser Radials are also raced at WFSC.  Lasers are known to be extremely twitchy, and they put to test a wide range of sailing skills.  They are 14' planing hulls, and are sailed single-handed.  the "Radial" version is the same boat with a smaller sail, and is generally sailed by lighter skippers, especially in heavy breeze.  Sailing a Laser can be quite a thrill in any conditions.  A dry-suit is highly recommended.

WFSC seasonal Laser membership includes rack boat storage on the dinghy docks, and use of the CPYC facility.

Rhodes 19's

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