Notice of Race for the Winthrop Frostbiting Sailing Club

Hosted by Winthrop Frostbite Sailing Club & Cottage Park Yacht Club

1. Organizing Authority:  Winthrop Frostbite Sailing Club, Inc. (WFSC)

2. Host Club  Cottage Park Yacht Club, Orlando Road, Winthrop, MA  02152; (617)846-2792;

3 Rules

3.1  Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2009-2012, the prescriptions of US Sailing, except as modified by the current prescriptions of the IC Technical Regulations for the Interclub Dinghy Class, the International Laser Class, the Rhodes 19 Class and the Sailing Instructions.  The following rules are in effect:

3.2  Life jackets shall be worn at all times when on the water, except for brief periods to change clothing.

3.3  All boats, except Lasers, must be equipped with a bailing bucket, paddle and bow line of not less than 6 feet which floats (e.g. polypropylene).

3.4 No yacht shall leave the dock until the crash boats leave the dock.

3.5 All yachts shall remain in the general sailing area when not racing.

3.6 Propulsion
a.  RRS 42.2(d) is changed to "sculling repeated movements of the helm to propel the boat forward"
b. RRS 42.3(b) is replaced by "During and immediately after tacking and gybing a boat's crew may move their bodies to roll the boat provided the the boat's mast does not move aggressively away from vertical more than once"
3.7 Cancellation or postponement
a. 20:20 Rule- If the air temperature is 20 F or lower and the wind velocity is 20 mph or higher at 13:00 hours, racing shall be cancelled for the day. Other combinations of temperature and wind that are not suitable for safe racing shall result in postponement or cancellation for the day.
b.  The decision to signal a race shall be made jointly by the Race Committee Chairman and the Commodore.   If the Race Committee signals the start of a race, the decision to race remains the sole discretion of each boat, with no change to RRS Rule 4.
c. The Race Committee should decide to signal the start of a race or cancel for the day no later than 13:30 hours.
d. A decision to cancel racing prior to a scheduled race day will be posted at

4. Entry  Interclub dinghies, Lasers, Rhodes 19s who have registered with WFSC.

5. Fleet Membership
Dues are payable to the Treasurer of WFSC

6. Measurement
6.1  Interclub dinghies
a.  It is the responsibility of every competitor to make sure that his or her boat, sail and equipment measure to the current IC Technical Regulations for the Interclub Dinghy Class (effective April 20, 1997) .
b.  Minimum crew weight is 315 lbs for skipper and crew (in full sailing gear and with any necessary weights. If more than 10 lbs are required, the weight must be of neutral buoyancy, e.g. bottles filled with water.
6.2  Lasers shall adhere to the ILCA Rules
6.3  Rhodes 19 Class shall adhere to the Rhodes 19 Class Rules

7. Schedule
a. The schedule is available on the website at The warning for start of the first race shall not be earlier than 13:00 hours with additional races to follow.
b. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the website at least 2 weeks prior to the change.

8. Sailing Area
Courses will held in the area that is West of CPYC

9. Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be available at

10. Penalty System  The, Rule 44.1 is amended such that, exoneration for breaking a rule of Part 2 (Right of way) will be a one (1) turn penalty.

11. Scoring
RRS Appendix A shall be used with the following change. A2  Each boat's daily score shall be the total of her race scores (no throwout).

12. Disclaimer of Liability

13.  Insurance