1. Race Day A race day is a scheduled day on which the fleet sails.  Three races are required for a race day to count towards a series.
2.  Series and Season There are two series in each frostbite season.  A series is composed of a predetermined number of potential race days.  The season is the sum of all the race days in the two seriesRace days not included in a series are not part of the season.
3.  External events  An external event is an event that conflicts with one or more scheduled series race days.  External events must be sanctioned by the fleet officers.  The intent of sanctioning external events is to allow fleet members to represent the Winthrop Frostbite Sailing Club without jeopardizing their ability to qualify for a series or season.
4.  Average points are the average of all the race day scores of a boat in a series.

Race Day scoring procedure:

1.  1 for first, 2 for second, etc.
2.  No drop races are allowed.
3.  DNS= The total number of boats that start or rank as a starter in any race for that day.
DNF= The number of starters in a given race.
DSQ= The total number of boats plus 1 that start or rank as a starter in any race for that day.
4.  Ties are broken in the following manner:
a.  Who beat whom
b.  Number of 1sts, 2nds, etc.
c.  Should a tie still exist, the tie will stand.

Series Scoring:

1.  1 pt. for daily first, 2 pts for daily second, etc.
2.  You need to sail 2/3 of the race days in a series in order to qualify for that series.  The best 2/3 (rounded up) of the race days for that series are counted.
3.  The boat, not the skipper, is scored.
4.  A boat is scored a DNS for any race days not sailed.  DNS= the total number of starters for the series in question.
5.  No more than 40% of the number of race days counted, rounded down to the next whole number, may be average points for any series.
alt. 5. If less than 5 race days are counted for a series, then only one average score may be counted for that series.  If 5 or more race days are counted, then 2 average scores may be counted.  Should only one race day be counted for a series, any average earned on that day would be carried forward to the next series.
6.  Ties are broken in the following manner:
a.  Number of daily 1sts, 2nds, etc.
b.  Most days sailed
c.   Best dropped score
d.  Should a tie still exist, the tie will stand.

Season Scoring:

Season scoring is identical to series scoring, except that 2/3 of the total series race days, rounded up, are counted.  Special events like the Broo Bowl are excluded.

Race Committee Duty-   There will be a sign-up at the Club for R.C. duty.  Everyone should sign-up for a day.  This includes both skipper and crew.  In the event that there are enough committee people for that day, you will be able to sail, so come prepared!!!  Here are the scoring rules:
1.  You will receive average points for a scheduled race committee day.  This means that you must be on the sign-up list.  Should a situation arise (e.g. unexpected shortage of Race Comm. members) that forces you to perform unscheduled R.C. duty, the officers may allow average points to be awarded.
2.  It is your responsiblity to notify the Scorer (not the Race Committee), before the 1st race, that you are doing R.C. duty, so that it is recorded on the race sheet for that race day.
3.  If you have someone else race your boat on your R.C. day, then, you must tell the Scorer, before the 1st race, whether you want to: a) have the boat scored or b) receive average points for the day.  If the Scorer is not notified, then the boat will be scored.

Guest Skippers-  You may have one guest skipper sail your boat per series  and keep the score.  If a boat is guest-skippered more than once in a series, then only the best score will be counted.